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Arab Health 2021

21-24 June 2021, Grand Lux SA has participated in Arab Health 2021 exhibition in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Managing Director Anastasia dos Santos has promoted trading in medical equipment and consumables for radiology, such as medical media prints and x-ray films, digitizers, mobile and other x-ray units, textile and medical clothes.

Prospective clients were specifically interested in our supplies of world known brands - leaders in diagnostics and radiology Sony, AGFA, Carestream, Fujifilm, BMI, Drive, Conica, and others.

Dubai location of Arab Health provides us unique opportunity and access to such markets as Africa and Middle East.

Arab Health was initially planned to be held in January 2020, but was cancelled due to COVID-19 pandemics. In January 2021 it was postposed and finally held place in June 2021.

After a long break in exhibition world, both exhibitors and clients were keen to get back together. Arab Health was very well organised and all participants made effort to ware masks, limit capacity of attendees at stands, and to comply with all covid related measures to ensure high security level.

We have noticed increased amount of exhibitors in testing/screening area, for instance, many companies providing testing solutions for COVID.

All countries have provided their best testing solutions and diagnostics tools and machines.

Our stand was located in diagnostics radiology pavilion S1. We were part of Germany and Switzerland area. In the same pavilion, some world leaders in diagnostic radiology were exposing their innovative machines. For example, Canon, Fujifilm, and BMI were exhibiting x-ray, CT and MRT units.

Most of the attendees who were interested in our stand, in x-ray films and media prints were doctors in gynaecology and radiology areas. The doctors are using medical x-ray films to pint x-ray and echography results for their patients. Currently, in the modern world, due to digitisation, diagnostics equipment become more and more digital. No printing of images is required in the newest technologies. However, in the older machines, physical x-ray films are still widely used. We have met prospective doctors from several African countries, for example, Cote d'Ivoire, Maroc, Sudan, Egypt, and others who confirmed they do print images every day in high volumes.

Our Swiss based company would like to cooperated with developing countries to help local medical supplies, to ensure the consumables for medical printers and x-ray units are supplied in high quality standards and in the appropriate quantity to cover the lack of such supplies in developing countries.

How Covid-19 affected medical equipment repair and maintenance

As of early May 2020, over 4.7 million people have been confirmed to be infected with the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, and the healthcare industry is scrambling to contain its spread. The difficult epidemiological situation resulted in some changes in the field of repair and maintenance of medical equipment. COVID-19 emphasises the refusal by manufacturers to provide information for repairing medical equipment. For years, manufacturers have curtailed the ability of hospitals to independently repair and maintain medical equipment by preventing access to the necessary knowledge, software, tools, and parts. Many service centres address emerging technical issues remotely and use messengers.

The goal is to minimize the downtime of the medical equipment caused by malfunctions. Thus, many service centres decided to provide repair and maintenance services on weekends and holidays (unlike before the pandemic). Some of them even decided to work 24/7. To assist the clients the service centres started making videos on the DIY repair and service of medical equipment and it became a fashionable trend. The videos can be uploaded to YouTube or sent to clients directly via messengers.
The quarantine measures have put restriction on travel in many countries. It makes training of certified repair personal difficult. Also, it is problematic to organize workshops, seminars and training on the topic of medical service.

Amid the Covid-19 pandemic, many manufacturers strive to improve the technical support service. They shorten the response time and improved logistics for remote regions.
Often hospitals and medical institutions make decisions to reallocate funding. The bigger portion of funds is directed for the purchase of new life-saving equipment and personal protective equipment. Therefore, less money is left for repairs and scheduled maintenance of medical equipment. Unfortunately, unwise decisions may lead to a decrease in equipment reliability.
In general, the volume of repairs is increasing, and the range of services is expanding. The medical equipment repair and maintenance sector shows resilience and dedication to the common cause of fighting Covid 19 and saving patients lives. developing.

SpinExpo 2021 is the exhibition dedicated to innovation in yarns, fibres and knitwear

The SpinExpo-2021 will be held in Paris, France on 5-6 July 2021. Mark your calendars and visit! You are invited! It is a big international trade fair of yarns, fibres and knitwear innovations. Attend the Spin Expo and meet leading participants from many countries: Germany, China, Italy, Turkey, Madagascar, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Indonesia, Australia and more. We offer sections on different topics including Haute Couture, Pret-a-Porte, Knitwear, Hosiery, Sportswear and Home goods.

The SpinExpo-2021 will gather professionals, experts, fans, and guests in a creative space to discuss the situation, network and explore the trends on the market. We collaborate with leading fashion designers, clothing manufacturers, factory engineers, equipment experts. SpinExpo expands the limits for the world of textile and knitwear. It is a must event for executives, buyers, designers, artists, and customers. The exhibition will help to establish new connections, strengthen long-term relationships and find inspiration.

Medical digitizers and modernization of medical institutions

Most people in highly developed countries do not encounter a traditional X-ray since most hospitals switched to digital X-ray format. Yet, there are countries where traditional wet-and-dry X-ray film is still a reality. In such situations, medical digitizers come to help. The film digitizers scan medical X-ray film images into computer systems with high accuracy for diagnostic PACS and teleradiology applications. It offers high-contrast sensitivity over a wide optical density range, reportedly providing accurate capture of subtle image detail even in dark or overexposed film images.The main manufacturers of digitizers are Agfa, Carestream Health (Kodak) and Vidar.
The demand for medical digitizers in developing countries shows steady growth during the last 2-3 years. The device is relatively affordable and does not require many funds for technical re-equipment. Some clinics in less developed countries decided to buy and share one digitizer in the club.

The main question remains: “Will digital technology replace traditional X-ray films?” Our answer is: “definitely, but it will time.” It is known that in the case of complicated diagnosis doctors prefer to use both digital and traditional techniques to clarify the diagnosis (especially in dynamics). In conclusion, we can all agree that the medical future belongs to digital technologies.

ITMA ASIA + CITME 2021 Exhibition (12-16 June 2021)

The ITMA ASIA + CITME 2021 exhibition will be held on 12 to 16 June 2021 at the National Exhibition and Convention Center, Shanghai, China. The ITMA ASIA + CITME exhibition has traditionally been held every two years since 2008 with the support of all major trade associations from around the world. The exhibition is a place to showcase cutting edge solutions for textile manufacturers.

Features of ITMA ASIA + CITME 2021 include:
• Showcase of innovative solutions for textile makers
• Support from all major international trade associations
• 100,000+ visitors from all sectors of the global textile industry
• 1,650+ exhibitors expected to take part
• 170,000 sqm of exhibition space
• Multiple Product Categories
• Protection intellectual property

Taking off in Shanghai, the milestone event features the unique strengths of the ITMA brand and China's most important textile event -CITME. It combines the two shows into one mega high-quality event is strongly supported by all nine CEMATEX European textile machinery associations, CTMA (China Textile Machinery Association) and JTMA (Japan Textile Machinery Association).

On the distribution of medical products in connection with Covid-19

It has been more than a year since Covid 19 pandemic started and we can confidently state that the number of CT, MRI and X-ray examinations is not decreasing. On the contrary, in many countries, it is growing. The treatment of Covid-19 requires frequent exams for diagnostic and clarification purposes. The demand for new equipment is growing everywhere. Thus, more scans and exams mean more consumables. Availability of supplies became one of the most important factors by which the buyer chooses a supplier. The most sought-after product today is X-ray film (both traditional wet and dry). Distributors around the world are building up stocks without worrying about X-ray film expiring before it is sold.

Also, at the moment, all distributors stock warehouses with consumables for service centres because it is the key to maintaining the operability of the medical equipment in clinics.

NON WOVEN TECH ASIA 2021 - nternational exhibition and conference

Non-Woven Tech Asia is a famous international exhibition of technical textiles and nonwovens.
After the success of 6th Non-Woven Tech Asia, we are happy to announce the 7th edition of Non-Woven Tech Asia 2021 scheduled to be held during4-6 June 2021 at Pragati Maidan, Delhi, INDIA.
The main theme of the exhibition is production technologies and nonwovens from India and other countries. This year the exhibition expects more than 20 * 000 visitors from all over the world. Non-Woven Tech Asia is a great place to share information and knowledge. Also, the exhibition is a good opportunity to communicate with buyers and suppliers of nonwovens to understand the current trends in this market segment and draw conclusions about the future of the industry. We invite representatives of private business and government departments of various countries to visit the exhibition. Visit the exhibition and make a step towards expanding your capabilities in the production of nonwovens.

Nonwoven Tech Asia is a premium exhibition & networking opportunity for the nonwoven trade stakeholders from India and all over the world with over 19,000+ visitors. The objective of 'Non-Woven Tech Asia 2021' is to bring together all the constituents of the Nonwoven Industry under one roof, to create a neutral platform for all the stake holders in the Nonwoven Industry and their consumers, to share information & knowledge, to understand the market dynamics - existing and future and to thrash out the issues and come to conclusions that shall benefit the industry.

Come and be part of this unmissable event! Learn more about non-woven textiles and more!

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GrandLuxSA - worldwide wholesale trade of textile, medical films and medical equipment

The GrandLuxSA company is a reliable supplier in the world market of medical equipment, medical consumables and fabrics. We cooperate with such world famous manufacturers as: Agfa, FujiFilm, Sony, Mitsubishi, Carestream Health, Trimax, Codonics, Konica Minolta, Vidar, SFM and are a system partner of Blue Sign. Our main specialization is X-ray films. All our employees undergo special training and have unique experience. Also we are engaged in the repair and maintenance of medical equipment, which are carried out by certified engineers. GrandLuxSA is a customer oriented company. We always try to provide our customers with a whole range of amenities: attractive prices, quality guarantees, a full range of consumables and spare parts, high-quality warranty and post-warranty service.

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