About us

The GrandLuxSA company is a reliable supplier in the world market of medical equipment, medical X-ray films, medical consumables and fabrics.
All our employees undergo special training and have unique experience. Also we are engaged in the repair and maintenance of medical equipment, which are carried out by certified engineers.

GrandLuxSA is a customer oriented company. We always try to provide our customers with a whole range of amenities: attractive prices, quality guarantees, a full range of consumables and spare parts, high-quality warranty and post-warranty service.

Medical goods
X-ray films, medical equipment and consumables are our core competencies. Day by day we analyze the processes in the healthcare market sector and follow the changes in trends on a global scale. We cooperate with such world famous manufacturers as: Agfa, FujiFilm, Sony, Mitsubishi, Carestream Health, Trimax, Codonics, Konica Minolta, Vidar and SFM.

Textile and materials

On our own production base, we invent innovative eco-friendly fabrics with long-lasting durability, dynamic comfort, windproofing, breathability, exceptional waterproofing and advanced coatings. Are a system partner of Blue Sign.