SpinExpo 2021 is the exhibition dedicated to innovation in yarns, fibres and knitwear

May 15, 2021

The SpinExpo-2021 will be held in Paris, France on 5-6 July 2021. Mark your calendars and visit! You are invited! It is a big international trade fair of yarns, fibres and knitwear innovations. Attend the Spin Expo and meet leading participants from many countries: Germany, China, Italy, Turkey, Madagascar, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Indonesia, Australia and more. We offer sections on different topics including Haute Couture, Pret-a-Porte, Knitwear, Hosiery, Sportswear and Home goods.

The SpinExpo-2021 will gather professionals, experts, fans, and guests in a creative space to discuss the situation, network and explore the trends on the market. We collaborate with leading fashion designers, clothing manufacturers, factory engineers, equipment experts. SpinExpo expands the limits for the world of textile and knitwear. It is a must event for executives, buyers, designers, artists, and customers. The exhibition will help to establish new connections, strengthen long-term relationships and find inspiration.