On the distribution of medical products in connection with Covid-19

April 15, 2021

It has been more than a year since Covid 19 pandemic started and we can confidently state that the number of CT, MRI and X-ray examinations is not decreasing. On the contrary, in many countries, it is growing. The treatment of Covid-19 requires frequent exams for diagnostic and clarification purposes. The demand for new equipment is growing everywhere. Thus, more scans and exams mean more consumables. Availability of supplies became one of the most important factors by which the buyer chooses a supplier. The most sought-after product today is X-ray film (both traditional wet and dry). Distributors around the world are building up stocks without worrying about X-ray film expiring before it is sold.

Also, at the moment, all distributors stock warehouses with consumables for service centres because it is the key to maintaining the operability of the medical equipment in clinics.