Arab Health 2021

June 25, 2021

21-24 June 2021, Grand Lux SA has participated in Arab Health 2021 exhibition in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Managing Director Anastasia dos Santos has promoted trading in medical equipment and consumables for radiology, such as medical media prints and x-ray films, digitizers, mobile and other x-ray units, textile and medical clothes.

Prospective clients were specifically interested in our supplies of world known brands - leaders in diagnostics and radiology Sony, AGFA, Carestream, Fujifilm, BMI, Drive, Conica, and others.

Dubai location of Arab Health provides us unique opportunity and access to such markets as Africa and Middle East.

Arab Health was initially planned to be held in January 2020, but was cancelled due to COVID-19 pandemics. In January 2021 it was postposed and finally held place in June 2021.

After a long break in exhibition world, both exhibitors and clients were keen to get back together. Arab Health was very well organised and all participants made effort to ware masks, limit capacity of attendees at stands, and to comply with all covid related measures to ensure high security level.

We have noticed increased amount of exhibitors in testing/screening area, for instance, many companies providing testing solutions for COVID.

All countries have provided their best testing solutions and diagnostics tools and machines.

Our stand was located in diagnostics radiology pavilion S1. We were part of Germany and Switzerland area. In the same pavilion, some world leaders in diagnostic radiology were exposing their innovative machines. For example, Canon, Fujifilm, and BMI were exhibiting x-ray, CT and MRT units.

Most of the attendees who were interested in our stand, in x-ray films and media prints were doctors in gynaecology and radiology areas. The doctors are using medical x-ray films to pint x-ray and echography results for their patients. Currently, in the modern world, due to digitisation, diagnostics equipment become more and more digital. No printing of images is required in the newest technologies. However, in the older machines, physical x-ray films are still widely used. We have met prospective doctors from several African countries, for example, Cote d'Ivoire, Maroc, Sudan, Egypt, and others who confirmed they do print images every day in high volumes.

Our Swiss based company would like to cooperated with developing countries to help local medical supplies, to ensure the consumables for medical printers and x-ray units are supplied in high quality standards and in the appropriate quantity to cover the lack of such supplies in developing countries.